Small Spaces – Big Solutions

One of the biggest problems nowadays is urbanization, which originates from the desire of the population to live in bigger cities. This means that buildings in those cities become smaller trying to fit as many people as possible. For us that`s the biggest challenge– dealing with the limited space and allocating all our stuff.

Young couples usually decide to live in small apartments called “studios” or efficiency apartments where you have one living room and one bathroom. The most frequent thing these people hear is that it is hard to furnish leave alone to design those homes. However, we think that with the right order of the furniture, everything can fit.

Small apartments have some very big advantages – small area to furnish, cheap rents and small expenses, but still it might prove uncomfortable for living. One thing is sure – the right placement can transform a small area into cozy spacious living place.


Create the best system for storage

The most important thing for small apartments is to create a system of the things in your storage. It`s hard to find the exact furniture to fit in your apartment and within it collect all your stuff. You can order them to fit your needs,which will help you create even more space and at the same time order, everything the way you want.


Use self-criticism on yourself


The first and most important thing is leaving unnecessary objects out of your home. Forget about them. Your home must contain only theessentials. You can live in the conditions of modern minimalism. That`s how you will save not only space, but moneyas well.


Use as much reflecting furnish, as possible


Mirrors, countertops, built in mirrors and so on. They create the optic illusion of more space. Nevertheless don`t forget that this is just an illusion; it creates comfort for your spirit and mind.


Use bright colors


One of the best decisions is painting your walls in a bright color. This creates the optic illusion of a bigger space and brightness jets from your home. Also, if possible, it`s good to remove one of your walls, which will give you more space and make it easier to go from one room to another.


Comfort and practicality at night


One of the most important things for a happier life is sleeping. Getting a good night’s rest means your body rests and that’s why it is important to be comfortable. The best possible way for saving space here is to “build” a second floor only for your bedroom.


The sport as part of your daily routine… and the interior


One of the biggest difficulties is to have a favorite sport while living in small place like studio. It`s hard to find a place for your bike, snowboard or ski…The best solution to these problems are well designed wall hangers.One of the brands that has the most good-looking and practical products is-Rahlle. You can see some of Rahlle`s great choices here. The hangers are used for positioning your equipment vertically on the wall, which is a great space saver. The awesome result is that you will save space and keep your interior charming.

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